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"Just a quick note to let you know how much my degree has done for me. I recently received a promotion due entirely to the fact that I have completed my degree program. I am very interested in the Alumni Association and wanted to thank you for all the good your University is doing".

Larry (1996 Graduate)

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No College for many!Mon. April 5, 6:16 PM ET
By BEN FELLER, AP Education Writer

WASHINGTON - Eleven states will get less federal money for poor students next school year, while the 39 other states and the District of Columbia will get more, new figures show.

The eleven states that will get less money are Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania, based on preliminary estimates. The final spending numbers are expected within a few weeks.

(Read the whole story here)

It would seem that as the University of Berkley predicted years ago, "traditional education" in our country is becoming more elitist. Dr. Dennis Globosky, Director of Academic Administration for UofB says: "Recent events show an alarming trend; that often times the more needy students are being left out due to the whims of lawmakers and lack of tuition money." "Attaining a quality education and a degree that may help you get ahead in today's difficult business climate is becoming more difficult and indeed impossible for some."

"The University of Berkley has been THE ONLY non-traditional school to make available scholarships, grants and guaranteed student loans to as many students as we possibly can." responded president J. Harper Andrews. "We would like to give out (scholarship or grant money) to all who apply, but despite our many philanthropic efforts, we can't do nearly as much as we want to.

Still, for those that can't pursue the "traditional route" with a prestigious Ivy League school, or pay $50,000 or more a year just for tuition, "a quality degree from a well accepted non-traditional university might be the only way to go, and the only viable alternative for some," said Globosky.

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